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"Super cute,"
"A1 service"
"A must have for every new mum."

"" -

Excellent product - my baby daughter loves being in it and it settles her really well. Great for bonding also as I struggled in first week with breastfeeding and found the sling was a good way to feel close to my daughter. Would recommend this product to all.

Huddy, 07/09/2011, 12:52

"" -

Recieved with thanks...

Evie, 29/08/2011, 18:13

"" -

happy with the item ;)

barbara, 28/08/2011, 22:35

"" -

Very satisfied. A+++

Tina, 21/08/2011, 11:35

"Fantastic" -

Jose-Spain, 16/08/2011, 09:57

"fantastic!" -

my sis was v happy

seb, 09/08/2011, 11:35

"Prompt delivery, " -

great price for this item. Really pleased, can't wait for the baby to arrive so we can use this! :)

Alison, 07/08/2011, 15:55

"easy and pleasant" -

- highly recommended, besides the item is GREAT!!!

liz, 20/06/2011, 10:20

"Very smooth and very fast..." -

even shipped to Canada

torontochris, 13/06/2011, 18:09

"Great product" -

- me and baby love it xx

Blackie, 13/06/2011, 12:32

"Super cute," -

very happy as difficult to find in UK. Excellent service.

LondonChris, 12/06/2011, 19:36

"Great product. Prompt delivery. " -

The hedgehog was a little squashed in the package chosen (package was quite flat) but was still in good condition when unpacked.

woody, 14/05/2011, 19:43

"" -

An excellent service.

JI, 03/05/2011, 15:38

"" -

The Manduca Baby Carrier was recommended by a friend originally and I am really happy with it myself. It feels so comfortable to wear and to adjust and my baby really loves it! I have another baby sling but I started using this one when my baby was 4 months and it is so much better.

Michaela, 31/05/2011, 17:04

"" -

Fantastic service, very fast and efficient, just need my baby now to actually use it :)

EmmaJayne, 24/03/2011, 19:59

"" -

I am very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to parent. It allows the parent to have another method of calming a new born. Allowing them to rest and sleep on you. In the meantime giving the parent spare time to do chores and not worry about the new born as he/she is on you. You get a work out. The best is the warmth and love that you feel of your child on your body.

vasilis+anna from athens, 03/03/2011, 07:19

"oh my, i wish i had got this item sooner!! " -

im amazed i can do that little bit more with my baby close to me whilst i potter and.the booklet even has suggestions on massage techniques.and pleased on how quick the delivery was too.im one happy bunny :)

kelly, 05/02/2011, 21:45

"All went well" -

Vince, 04/02/2011, 12:20

"" -

Both my daughters (4 and 7 years old) love these dolls. Worth the money.

Rosemary, 08/01/2011, 21:45

"Due to snow and ice ..." -

the item arrived only on Jan 4th. But communication and solving of problems was outstanding

uta, 08/01/2011, 11:00

"" -

My niece was very pleased with the doll. Thank you

PB, 05/01/2011, 15:45

"A1 service" -

Carol and Colin, 03/01/2011, 12:40

"" -

Great service and lovely product.

debbi, 16/11/2010, 10:25

"" -

Lovely product (although tiny!) and arrived quickly and safely, many thanks.

Sofia, 05/11/2010, 10:42

"It's cosy for me." -

Great quality. Baby likes it too. A must have.

PetPat, 24/10/2010, 14:08

"good" -

Denise, 01/10/2010, 16:37

"All good," -

very happy with purchase. Smooth transaction, no probs! Many thanks!

Jane, 24/09/2010, 14:41

"" -

Got an answer immediately after I complained that one item was missing. Delivery followed soon and I received an additional free little present with a card.

Barbara P, 18/09/2010, 18:57

"" -

Order arrived quickly (especially from UK to US), very happy.

Michael DK, 12/09/2010, 17:12

"" -

Very quick response, excellent packaging and item is lovely - I'm very pleased.

Angela, 06/09/2010, 12:07

"I ordered - " -

it arrived. Seems good to me.

trading-andrew, 01/09/2010, 08:50

"" -

Satisfied customer. Product as advertised

Linda, 25/08/2010, 20:38

"Exelent service, " -

very friendly and helpful personnel!

SarahH, 25/06/2010, 19:03

"highly recommended ..." -

was very kind in the way he handled the transaction .. many many thanks once again

Mary Kent, 22/04/2010, 08:23

"Thank you very much - " -

great service.

william, 30/03/2010, 21:50

"A must have for every new mum." -

Baby is so close to parents body and sometimes that is the only thing to calm a colicy baby...excellent

AvR, 26/01/2010, 08:14

"The sling is exactly what the friend I bought it for was looking for." -

She and her husband used it to when they brought their 6 month old daughter to Gibraltar and she looked lovely and snug and cosy in it. Well supported too. Excellent product!

jpb, 04/01/2010, 02:13

"Very fast response and service." -

Very satisfied. Would recommend

Sclaire, 19/12/2009, 14:19

"" -

Product exactly as described and arrived promptly. Have used it quite a bit for my 6 week old already and he sleeps almost as soon as he's in it, perfect!

claire, 19/12/2009, 14:19

"Wow, ..." -

worth every penny, adored by the little one thank you. A great comforter for any child.

CornwallRuth, 08/12/2009, 09:06


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